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Wherever you are, you deserve nothing but the best builders to build your dreams into reality, and there is only one company who can do that for you. It’s none other than, House Traders.

About Us What We Do

What We Do

House Traders offers limitless services to our clients when it comes to building and construction. We provide one of a kind and state-of-the-art homes for all our customers. Check out the things we can do for you, if you decided to get the best services in town.

We can build your ideal home from scratch. You share your ideas and thoughts about your dream house, and we can make it into reality.

House Traders also specializes in home restoration. We understand that there are homes which have lived for long years and homeowners don’t want to ruin the sentimental value. We can make sure to bring the homes back to life without compromising the value and antiquity.


When the time comes, and we need some make-over for our homes. Our company can take care of the upgrades you want to make for whichever part of the home.

There are lot more things that we can do for you. Aside from the highest quality of service that we can provide, you are also assured that you will get the most affordable price in town with House Traders. For any inquiries, you can send an email at ask@housetraders.pt, and we can give you a free estimate.