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Extension Building: The 6 Rules

Property prices are increasing steadily in the UK and the US .Buying a new house for extra square feet or a swimming pool is not possible with the unstable cost of living. Our Parent Company Plymouth Builders gives you a solution for building an extension. Before building an extension one should consider the following rules,

  1. Involving an architect

You love the house you live in and the location is great. But feels little cramped. You might think extending few feet of your living room to the garden is ideal. Still not sure if it is feasible to do so. Hiring a right professional to do the designing is the first thing you do. Hire an expert professionals like us to survey your property for the extension possibilities. Then we propose a design that best matches your requirement. We ensure 100% of your involvement in building the extension. Before proceeding with construction it should be approved by the homeowners association.

2. Be considerate of your neighbours

Building an extension might add value to your property but keep in mind that it might lower the value of the neighbouring houses. Adding an extension should aesthetically blend with the street. Your design plans shouldn’t disrupt your neighbour’s amazing views for which they paid extra money. It is better to discuss with your neighbours or homeowners association that you’re planning to extend and note in their concerns. If you have specified protocol in your homeowner’s association, getting the designs approved by the association is ideal. You don’t want to start a project and have to make some changes half way. It is better to get approved before the construction. This could save you lot of money.

3. Make it Budget Friendly

Say your house is located in a prime location with an amazing view. You love living in the heart of the happenings. The property value has skyrocketed for the small house you live in the best location of the town. Yet you want a bigger house in the same street which is high priced to afford. Many homeowners are property rich but cash poor. The quick solution is an extension. Adding another floor or extending into the backyard is a better option than buying in a high priced market. Now you get to enjoy the house from your favourite location. Make sure an extension shouldn’t extend your wallet.

4. Carefull Planning Processes

Once the designing process is complete, it is submitted to Planning register for review. Then a planning commission appoints a senior planning officer for review. The officer will review the designs and gives approval. If the plans are approved it is valid only for five years, construction should be completed within this period. If the approval is denied, the new design can be submitted within 12 months. Many homeowners get the designs done by experts to avoid the denial.

5.Adhering to Building Regulations

Having the designs approved by the homeowners alone is not enough. It should be designed and constructed with the countries building standards. All the building should comply every safety regulations. It is applicable to every home in the UK. A reputed builder takes care of the regulations from start to finish. All the design plans should be approved before construction. If denied, the further appeal must be done within 28 days. House traders and Plymouth Builders are reliable when it comes to following building regulations.

6. Labour and Resources

Hiring the right builder is important. Because the top rated builders have best experts in the field. Designing is not just enough. You need the best craftsman to build the walls, floor, tiles and paint job. Doing a mediocre job n extension might sublime the quality of your house. It will end up losing the value of your home. Plymouth builders have an experienced labour team to work onsite. They are highly skilled in managing any outcomes. Design elements going into your home should match your existing design. Adding new elements must be available in your area, spending more for an extension shouldn’t empty your pocket. The aim is to save your pocket.

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